At SFH we recognize that proper sanitation is a pillar to the attainment of good  health in the globe, and we strive to work with the community in achieving a clean and sustainable environment. We have carried out numerous hygiene and sanitation activities in several regions in Somalia, in partnership with Arc solutions-USA, IOM, Warzone Initiative, and have worked closely with UNICEF.

Our water and sanitation programs have worked towards combating hygiene related diseases and promoted good hygiene and sanitation practices in the target regions. The sanitation program faced constant threat due to the escalating violence in Somalia and especially Southern Somalia.



  1. Rehabilitation and/or digging of shallow wells
  2. Rehabilitation and/or digging of boreholes
  3. Digging or desilting of surface water dams
  4. Water treatments at household and community levels
  5. Water testing at water point and household levels
  6. Promote safe water transport and storage Water trucking


  1. Hygiene Promotions/Behaviour change campaign
  2. Establishment and or training of sanitation/ hygiene groups
  3. Training of communities on PHAST and CHASTP
  4. Development of IEC materials
  5. Promotion of good practices in waste disposal, hand washing, water transport, storage and Use of latrines


  1. Constructions of household latrines
  2. Safe disposal of human excreta ( constructions of latrines)
  3. Promotion of use and Maintenance of latrines
  4. Distribution of hygiene Kits
  5. Promotion of safe food handing