Following the basic knowledge and the benchmark that, during emergencies the chances of protecting basic human dignity especially that of displaced women are reduced, health is compromised, the ability to cope with poor nutrition and sanitation is diminished and it is increasingly difficult to improve lives, SFH strives to rovide transitional shelter to IDP settlements to contributes to the protection of displaced and other vulnerable groups from all prevailing and possible life-threatening


Before distribution of any shelter or Non-food items, SFH dedicate to and ensures to conduct Post-Distribution Monitoring exercises to measure the appropriateness of the items distributed, the effectiveness of the distribution methodology, and the possible protection risks likely to be encountered during and after the distributions.


Solutions for Humanity (SFH)’s Shelter program are administered to ensure that everyone has the right to proper and adequate housing. SFH coordinates and /or work closely with other humanitarian actors both at the national or field levels, to ensure a harmonized effort to support affected Somali people to claim their right to adequate housing and live in dignified circumstances. During the recent displacements in Bulo burte and Bardale districts of Hiran and Bay regions respectively as a result of AMISOM incursion and Inter-clan conflicts respectively in the region, SFH distributed 2000 kits of NFIs, such as plastic sheeting, cooking sets, blankets, jerry cans and sleeping mats,.


The distributions are made under the minimum clusters standards that guide all actors in the provision of NFIs and shelter-related interventions