Somalia has been in a state of anarchy and without central government for more  than two decades, this state coupled with protracted drought and unpredicted floods has completely eroded the livelihood and purchasing power of the Somalia people particularly those living in southern Somalia.

It’s on this background that SFH focus on upgrading livelihood status, asset and creating resilience under the following themes:

Agricultural and livestock program- Enhancing Productivity and Asset

  1. Seed Interventions
  2. Tools and Inputs Interventions
  3. Agricultural Interventions
  4. Livestock Interventions- Re-stocking
  5. Training of farmers on agricultural Productions (Pre & Post harvest techniques
  6. Improved farm production

 Economic recovery and Market systems

  1. Rehabilitation of essential community infrastructure
  2. Market infrastructure rehabilitation
  3. Clearing of roads
  4. Constructions of river embankments
  5. Construction of canals

Cash, Voucher and Non-food programs-This is meant to improve purchasing power and choices, through:-

  1. Cash transfers
  2. Vouchers
  3. Cash for work
  4. Micro-finance

Food Aid- Provision of in-kind Assistance- This focuses on emergency situations and includes:

  1. General food distributions (GFD)
  2. Protection rations for pregnant and lactating women
  3. Food for work programs (FFW)
  4. Food for Assets (FFA)