SOLUTIONS FOR HUMANIY (SFH) is a National Somali organization formed by local Somali professionals in the year 2008 with international registration and Focus. The organization has since been operating as a non-profit and non-partisan charity organization to help the poor and the most destitute members of the Somali community in the war and famine ravaged country of Somalia, Bilateral/inters organizational partnerships and internal fundraising.

However, with protracted Humanitarian crisis but improved accessibility in Somalia particularly areas controlled by armed opposition groups, SFH obtain regional based registrations in the federal system government to reach the hard to reach beneficiaries since the famine declarations in 2011. Beside this, SFH also secure registration from Kenyan NGO Board., SFH’s humanitarian response program focus in south and central Somalia particularly in Hiran, Banadir, Bay, Bakool, Lower and Middle Juba of southern Somalia to build resilience and sustainable livelihood.

As Organization, SFH has clear strategies and operational policies on how it conducts its affairs and
interventions covering staff and personnel welfare, conduct and safety especially in emergencies considering the insecure environment in which the organization operates.

The organization works at grassroots level to enhance the capacity of communities it works with to respond to their basic needs and advocates for their plights to elicit actions on their needs and interests in the international arena. It is for this reason that SFH has put together a number of intellectuals who have the skills and professions to consolidate its institutional capability in working with UN and international agencies operating in the region in delivering effective Services to the poor communities and collaborating as an implementing agency and information sharing partner, the organization designs and implements its projects through participatory development model in order to empower local communities in addition to meeting their needs.

SOLUTIONS FOR HUMANIY (SFH) maintains its Headquarter office in Kismayo city of lower juba region while maintaining liaison office in Nairobi for national level coordination’s, information sharing and Advocacy purposes.

Other regional/field based offices:
1. Dobley (Afmadow District)
2. Raskamboni – (Badhadhe District)
3. Balatweyne- Hiran regions
4. Baidoa- Bay region
Current Operational countries
1) Somalia
2) Kenya

SOLUTIONS FOR HUMANIY (SFH) has a Board of Directors consisting of nine (5) members (individuals). The

Board is the decision-making arm of  the organization charged with networking, fundraising, overseeing, and other important roles. The Board sits once every 3 month and in the case of extraordinary meeting, it may be called by 2/3 of BOD or the Chairperson.

SOLUTIONS FOR HUMANIY (SFH) has an operating team of 24 permanent staffs in all its existing offices and over 200 contractual staffs. They are charged with the day-to-day actual implementation of projects as well as the maintenance of the secretarial activities.