central is demonstrated in all nutrition assessment conducted over the last 6 years. The nutrition indicators in Somalia depicts the worst in the globe with 1 in every 6 child acutely malnourished and GAM rates exceed the 15percent WHO emergency threshold for almost ¾ of a decade now. In line with those preliminary background and the nutrition cluster response plans,

SFH’s nutrition programs endeavoured:

  • Increased access to nutrition interventions aimed at preventing, identifying and treating moderate and severe malnutrition among children under the age of 5years, pregnant and lactating women.

In all the 22 nutrition centres (Fixed and Outreach) we are currently running in Southern Somalia, our program focus:

  • Children with SAM are able to access out-patient therapeutic feeding at ourwell-equipped centres with fully trained staff.
  • Children and PLW with MAM are able to access targeted supplementary feeding program (TSFP) and appropriate IYCF sessions.
  • Community health workers and Volunteers are trained in screening for acute malnutrition, active case finding and follow up of program beneficiaries.

BNSP component is integrated with the administration of all nutrition services. BNSP (management of acute malnutrition, micronutrient supplementation, immunizations, Deworming, Promotion and support for optimal IYCF, promotion and support for optimal maternal nutrition and care, prevention and management of common illnesses (anemia, diarrhea, pneumonia, kalazar, where appropriate).Since the inception of our Somalia programs, we have successfully identified and
provide appropriate treatments to 34,870 <5 children and Pregnant & Lactating women. Beside these 2150 complicated cases were referred for specialized care.